On-farm shop

Le Mercredi:  de 16 h à 18 h

Le Samedi: de 10h30 à 12h30


Wednesdays: 4pm - 6pm

Saturdays: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Children are welcome on the farm. Loud noises and running will scare the animals. Please refrain from bringing pets to the farm. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask during boutique hours.

Tome d'Isigny-le-Buat

Aged Tome d'Isigny-le-Buat

Affinée 2 mois minimum, au lait de vache cru et entier.

Tome d'Isigny-le-Buat is named after the town of Isigny-le-Buat where the farm is located. This raw milk cheese is aged for at least two months in the cave just below the cheese shop. Tome d'Isigny is wonderful for cooking with pastas and vegetables, or is great on its own as a snack. Tome d'Isigny makes a great gift, too.


Cœur de Trèfle

Heart of Clover

C'est un fromage frais, à manger nature, à tartiner ou pour agrémenter un plat.



Coeur de Trèfle, or Heart of Clover, is the signature creation of Jardin du Trefle. This fresh, raw cow's cheese works perfectly in any recipe calling for a soft goat cheese. It's best if eaten within a couple of days of purchase. Try it in a dessert or drizzled with honey.

Coeur de Trèfle - Heart of Clover
Coeur de Trèfle - Heart of Clover

Colis de viande de Bœuf Bio

Portion of Organic Beef

Assortiment de morceaux à bouillir, à rôtir, à griller ; possibilité de steak hachés et de saucisses de bœuf.

Les morceaux sont emballés sous vide et étiquetés.

Environ 4 fois par an, sur réservation.

Colis de 10 ou 20 kg, 11€ le kg


Assorted selection of vacuum-sealed, 100% grass fed, organic beef is seasonally available by reservation.

10 or 20 kilo portions are available at 11€ per kilo.

Autres Produits

Other Products

Fresh milk is available during shop hours or daily at 6pm. Bottles are provided and are asked to be returned at the next purchase. 

Our Yogurt reflects the flavors of the fresh milk in a rich and creamy way.

Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice